Item collection 5148983 original

BEACH - A beautiful globe terrarium with 2 large air plants, yellow coral, and a beautiful pearlized cone shell on a bed of ocean blue sand


Item collection 5149168 original

SEASCAPE - Round glass terrarium with a large beautiful real sea fan, Air plants, White sea urchin, brown sea shell on a bed of gold sand


Item collection 5148823 original

BAMBOO - Large Air plant terrarium with 2 Premium Air plants , Natural twig ball, Reindeer moss, and Natural Large River rocks


Item collection 5149181 original

RETRO - Round Glass Globe Terrarium with 2 Air Plants, Red Coral, Yellow Coral, on a Bed of Black Coarse Sand


Item collection 5149231 original

NATURALE - Round glass terrarium with (2) Air plants, White sea urchin, Twig ball, and natural nut pods on a bed of gold sand


Item collection 5149185 original

OASIS - A Round glass terrarium, a beautiful feathered bird, Air plant, rattan ball, tiger stone, and palm branches, on a Bed of White sand


Item collection 5149339 original

TREASURY ITEM - (Set of 3) Air plant Tillandsia Mix



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